idle on my truck is acting strange/bad MPG...are they related??

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 01maroonz71, Jan 28, 2007.

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    well, here's the deal. in the 83 i just bought(383,350trans,np208) it idles really oddly. if i turn the a/c on, it will act like it's gonna stall out, but if i hit the gas one or two times, it will idle down to where it needs to be. sometimes after i drive, it will idle real high and if i go to back into a spot or something, it will kick real hard since it's at like 8 or 900 rpm. but if i go to Neutral and tap the gas once or twice it will idle down hwere it needs to be. could there be something wrong with my electric choke???
    it's got a dual feed holley, and im only getting like 6MPG. could these two things be related???? thanks alot!

    i have a brand new 1406 edelbrock performer carb(650CFM) that i bought for my project truck....would throwing this carb on this truck help/hurt anything???? i know i would have to get some different linkage/fuel lines...but it may help.
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    Its got a linkage tyoe ring to it . I would most definitely check the choke and throttle linkages .

    Worse I ever had it was a Holley jammed WOT by a loose linkage binding . Fortuantely I was smart enough to turn the igniton to off but not lock and coasted down .

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