Sold K5 blazer 1ton w/doubler

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    I hate to do this but its been 3 years and i'm still not finished. I'm missing the trails. Bad. I've had the blazer for 15 plus years. And its been through a few phases. This current stage is due to my old lady-like bargin shopping for craigslist parts. Then I had twins 3 years ago and progress hasn't stopped but definitely slowed. Watching UA trip videos and scratching the itch, I'd get out and do an hour of work. But the temps here in Phoenix are above 110 and watching Shaughn's k5 backflip in UA2014 I've decided to change course.
    As of now this is where the the blazer sits.

    - Dana 60 4.10 front
    - Crossover steering
    - Frame never had steering box damage added steering box brace to keep it that way
    - Shackle flip rear and 4" front springs
    - 1991 350 TBI, ported heads, custom cam.
    - 4l80e trans
    - US Shift 4l80e trans controller
    - 203/205 NWF doubler with ORD triple stick shifter
    - new polyurethane mounts in driveline
    - 1350 high angle rear driveshaft
    - 14 bolt 4.10 rear with disc brakes conversion
    - H1 wheels with NOS Goodyear military MTR's from m1101 trailer (supple and nipples still on) ((I'm talking about the tires)).
    - Bilstien 7100 14" rebuildable/valveable shocks on all 4 corners. With custom mounts.
    - 2 sets of leather seats, (1 from Tahoe, 1 from volvo xc90)
    - New a/c compressor, dryer, oil, and orfice tube.

    To do list looks like this:
    -Finish exhaust
    -Shorten rear driveshaft
    -Install trans controller

    These are the things that would get it moving. Then there's stuff like charging the a/c with r12 (I have the bottle, will include), bolting in seats of your choice (there's 2 sets), mounting ORD shifters (still new in box) , mounting transmission cooler, installing lock-rights front and rear, fluids... barefoot gas pedal, yadayadayada.

    I remember what I paid for these parts, and I feel I should be close to what this is all worth but if I'm wrong I'm willing to hear it. I'm wanting a Furd Excursion 4x4 v-10. And willing to come up with cash on my end if a trade was on the table. PM me and I'll call you to answer any questions if you're interested.

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    pm sent.
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