Matco Megacart DFW

Discussion in 'General Parts for Sale' started by Leper, Mar 20, 2007.

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    I bought this and now that it has been delivered, it will not work in my garage setup. It is Wrinkle finish gray with black handles. It is similar to this one, it has the 4 drawer pack added to it. I paid over $1300.00 for the cart with extra drawers and waited almost 3 months for it to be built. The cart from Matco, without the drawers, is $845, before tax, and then it has to be built. This cart, and ones like it are built in the toolbox plant. This a heavy, beefy, beautiful, cart. With the extra drawers it is like a small toolbox with a slide open top.
    The Matco guy brought it to my house and unloaded it and it hasn't moved or been used.
    Located in Allen Tx. It is very heavy. If you really need pics, let me know and I will take some.
    Might trade for a good trailer to pull my Blazer on. 4k+ axles and trailer brakes.

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