Need help with Vortec 350 built.

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 73deville, Mar 15, 2007.

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    Hi everybody, I have 1973 chevrolet Deville that was assembled in South Africa with a V8 engine and a THM350 tranny, it is a version of the Australian HQ Holden and looks like an Elcamino van however it is a sedan. Well I now have a Vortec 350 5.7l L31 engine that come out of the 1997 4door 4wd Chevrolet Tahoe with all the wirings, computer box and so forth. In fact I have the whole donner vehicle with me. I now want to put the engine alone in the Deville but want to keep it fuel injection. How can I go about it to keep it fuel injection and put it in the vehilcle that never had fuel injection system. Have any one done such a conversion before and can someone please give me the details of how should I wire it? Is there someting that I can use to delete or cancel some of the function that I wont use in the ECU? Well this vortec engine come from a vehicle that had no EGR and no O2 sensors and no catalyst convertors too. Thanking you in advance and forgive me for such a long testament.:confused:
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    I can say that you'll have to fab up your fuel system to meet the requirements of the L31 fuel setup, and if you do a SEARCH for Vortec engine swap it should net you many results to peruse through.

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