need some help or advice on engine parts\t case interchagablility

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 2High4U, Oct 26, 2005.

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    im in a bind here i have a 203 transfer case thats screwed up and my motors going too i ordered a new 350 long block but its 87 - 95 style not fuel injected ( going to pick it up tommorow) i have to put it in my 73 and the newer block from what ive been told requires a different oil pan(one piece seal) valve covers(think they are centerbolt style) flexplate and intake manifold(not sure about the intake) i have the flexplate and a 205 with the crossmember from an 86 gmc would i need to get different driveshafts im pretty sure it has the th350 tranny adapter still on it running out of money any help would be apreciated anyone know a place thats hiring need a job just came back from living in california. sorry for the long story wasnt planning on any of this happening.

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