Only took me 1/2 a day to start my truck this morning

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by mountainexplorer, Dec 4, 2005.

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    Last night I don't think I saw the temp gauge hit over 160 and I had been driving/running the truck from noon until 11pm for most of that time. I stopped for less than 5 minutes and shut it off, and when I went to restart it the air from the heater was already ice cold.

    It was cold out this morning, and appearantly my block heater does nothing (doesn't work). So I tried and tried and tried again to start it. Finally grabbed an electric heater out of a camper on plugged it in underneath the motor and stuck a drop light on the intake.

    After almost frying the starter, I finally and someone use my crew cab and tow the Diesel. For about 150-200 feet the motor turned over and was forced to run unwillingly until it finally ran on it's own.

    I think I need to go buy glow plugs.
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    Test them first??

    You can test them with a test light ,put the light between the battery positive post and the spade on the glowplug,after taking its wire off...if the test light lights up,it should be good..or you can remove them and use jumper cables--minus to the outside shell of it,positive to the should glow red quickly if its any good..

    I bought 8 new ones for my 6.2 at Autozone back in dec.03 when I first got my truck--7.99 each it was 68 bucks for 8! :eek1: ..I also converted them to manual operation..the "timer" setup doesn't keep them lit long enough in my opinion to make it start fast far,I think all 7 of mine still work..(one wont come out,and I refuse to snap the tip off)..

    Its always started good since..I took it for a ride yesterday,it was sitting for at least a month--I was suprised it started up,and the batteries were not dead..havent driven it more than 50 miles all summer.. :doah: ..its supposed to snow 8" or more tuesday,so its time to start using (and FIXING! :mad: ) it again..

    I think the addition of a inline electric fuel pump helped my truck start better..I've only plugged my "heater" in a few times..I think all it does is waste electriciy--doesn't warm the motor up much,if any--and it is working..its a tank style that goes in the heater hoses..the OEM freeze plug heater is still in the block,but some moron cut the cord,and I'm afraid it will leak if I fix the plug and use the truck will stay in the garage when I need to plow if possible,if I expect 20 degree weather.. :crazy:

    Better do something about your truck,or you'll be putting a starter in it too...I had to pull mine and put a rebuilt starter drive in it--wouldn't turn the motor,but the starter spun great..cost 35 bucks for a rebuilt drive,only NAPA listed it,had to get it from Maine!..everyone else listed new only,cheapest was 70 bucks! :eek1: ..the whole starter will run about 150 bucks for a rebuilt don't wear it out! :(

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