OT: Sandrail and trailer in Mid-Michigan

Discussion in 'General Parts for Sale' started by CyberSniper, Jul 26, 2004.

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    My Dad's sandrail is up for sale. He has rarely driven it and now has a Jeep so he's tired of it sitting in the barn. It's an excellent go-fast vehicle but I think he's more into going slow nowadays. A lot of fun on the dunes.

    DeLorto carbs, 2 quart oil pan expander... tons of stuff I don't even remember anymore. I'm pretty sure he's got spare parts also but you'd have to ask him.


    I think he might be interested in YJ parts for partial trade. Especially things like full hard doors and wheels.

    Located in Owosso. Owosso is between Flint and Lansing.
    989-723-6836 after 4:30pm.

    Here are some pictures from this spring. It usually spends its life in the barn but it got wet outside before I took the pictures. It has a glass windshield, not Lexan.

    All the pictures here.





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