paging AZ-K5: BigTex Trailers...any good???

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by kgillyk5, Jan 10, 2007.

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    All right. I need a trailer and was wondering if anyone had an opinion about bigtex trailers as far as quality etc... I'm looking at a 2004 70CH model like this one -

    I was reading supersize75K5's trailer build thread and ran across this:

    (The important part is in bold)

    Does anyone have the same opinion, ...AZ-K5, is it materials, craftsmanship or what that leads you to this conclusion?
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    go on or other sites to get some real life feedack as well.

    personally what did it for me is I got a good deal on the parts, had the time and space. however ALOT of the trailer I looked at just buying I was not impressed for the price, I also have been around trailer maint/building a couple years ago and got some insight into how quick/cheap/cheasy some are made.

    for the person towing a 5000lb rig only once a month you may never even notice most of the things that may be oversights or quality issues.

    the built right trailer I have been using seems fine, weld look like crap and in some casses cracked already, also I cant think of the brand but a friend bought one and the axel had no grease or something was wrong with the hub//bran new trailer

    just read up and inspect the hell out of one when you purchase your warranty too, a educated consumer is a wise one.

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