Pickup sliders revisited

Discussion in 'Center Of Gravity' started by 73k10sub, Sep 29, 2004.

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    Just got back in town.

    Sorry, but I do need to move this since bumpers and sliders are prohibited both due to being a common mod and also available from multiple sources "off the shelf". Yours aren't the common variety "bolt on" style, but they are very similar to the typical sliders used on many K5s and covered in several articles on the web. I did let one slider discussion stay (still not sure if I should have) but that was because the discussion was trying to deal with cab-bed independent movement issues along with the saddle tank.

    You're also not getting much feedback here which may improve in second gen where I'm moving it. If you would rather have it in Garage for more traffic, send me a PM and I'll see that it gets moved.

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