puttin in new ujoints myself this time... help? sorta newb Q

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by rwright07, Apr 13, 2006.

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    oook so b4 ive always had a good frienda mine who runs a shop put in my ujoints for me for next to nothing.. mine r going bad again and this time i want to do it myself so that i know il be able to do it again sumtime.. (like in the middle of nowhere on a trail)
    so i bought heavy duty ujoints at the parts store and im gunna put them in tomarrow.
    heres my questions:
    1) How to install clips that came w/ it and a little screw.
    2) I know i need to grease it b4 install, but they have no zerts... how do i grease it?

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    The ones with no zerks are already lubed , they are not servicable . You run those until they die .

    The clips that came with it , are they funny shaped , or a 3/4 circle ?

    The 3/4 circles go on the inside next to the ears . The funny shaped ones go in the groove just below the outside of the ears . You won't use both , just one or the other depending on what style your shaft is .

    I used to use a hammer to put mine in . Now I have to get a ball joint press since I borrowed one last time and it was faster and easier to press them in .

    As for doing it on the trail , don't . Buy a spare shaft , carry it , and use it to get to camp or home where you can repair the other shaft easier and at your leisure :thumb:

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