Question - Swap just the rear quarters or the whole rear?

Discussion in 'The Body Shop' started by grimjaw, Apr 4, 2005.

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    I have a 85 K5 parts truck that has a good body. I plan on swapping the front clip to my 79. The rear qurater panels on the 79 were also chopped badly by the PO. The 85 has good rear quarters and rear floor. Would it be easier to swap the entire rear or just the side panels?

    I have never done this before but it seems pretty straight forward. Is there some place to see where the seams are? Diagrams or pictures would be great. The area around the B pillar is a bit confusing. Thanks.
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    I spliced the enitre rear half of a '73 onto my 81 Jimmy about 4 years ago. The problems i had shouldn't give you any trouble at all. The '79 and '85 both have the rear footwell and the same frames. I'd cut the half cab where it meets the bedsides, then cut across the floor about mid door (between the second the third row body mounts)

    Measure carefully and cut the donor 1/4"-1/2" longer. You should be able to use a flanging tool on the donor's cut edge to help with fitting and welding later.


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