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Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by nvrenuf, Jan 12, 2005.

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    I'm thinking about the Edelbrock MPFI kit, I know you have it on your truck and I've read the write up describing it's ease of use and tuning abilities. Are you still happy with it and would you buy it again? Is there anything you would change about it? Have you had any problems?

    Also, can you tell me about your cam - specs, did you pick it or was it a suggested piece by Edelbrock? Would you change it?

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    Still happy with it, no problems with the system at all, ever. As long as you keep big mud gobbers out of the throttle linkage anyway. The reason I got that system is because of the tuning without a laptop and that was very much worth it when we went to TTC with 5 miles on the truck. It's also nice for messing with the idle speed on the trail and minor stuff like that.
    To be honest, I've done very little tuning on the MPFI, the cam is a crane marine roller (now) that's about a 288 adv. duration so it's a little lumpy but not bad. This is somewhat close to edelbrocks bigger cam chip so it's worked out pretty well.
    I guess I have had one problem with the system, it seems to lose it's idle speed sometimes, but by just a little bit. That may have to do with sitting for long periods of time between floggings. I'd really like to try the system on a daily driver type truck to really play with it and tune a motor in, but alas, no BB in the daily driver and no desire to take it out of the K5.
    I'm going home now.

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