real clean 81 silverado (diesel ornament) hood

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    Mar 15, 2006
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    hood off an 81 diesel silverado i parted,

    has insulation and ornament

    nice one, white,

    its around here somewhere stashed, i have forgotten where exactly though- as i havent noticed it for a while cuz i finally moved it out of my way last fall
    but its gonna get found and go to local scrap metal friend if no one wants it pretty soon like, ive had it for long enough to know i have no use for it anytime soon and for quite a while longer at least

    oh and i have a pass side door that is a replacement aftermarket one off another 81, manual, good solid straight one

    and a driver side shortbed saddle tank with brackets and all, and also a pass side longbed saddle tank with brackets and all, and some other related parts, sender units, filler tubes and necks and hoses and so forth

    trade me something ?

    im always interested in stuff, random, never know

    not just truck related

    old riding mower related,

    older puter related ?

    something i need for the s-10 ? a back bumper that has enough metal left to actually retain a trailer ball lol?

    or the toyota pickup ? need a long bed off of something to stick on it,
    rusty or not, as lonf as it has a floor in it so i can haul scrap concrete and waste dirt and junk that i am doing right now,

    or ?

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