removing front axle shafts

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by PsychoticDeadGuy, Jul 1, 2005.

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    how do i get the front axle shafts out? i heard that you have to romove the entire spindle to get them out. so i tried that but the bolt spun with the spindle nut so there was no loosining going on. i need to get this done because this is my daily driver and i have no rear diff. i need to get the front one out. thanx.
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    with 87 k5 in your profile and nothing else..... we could use more information...

    why are you trying to take the front axle shafts out?

    on my 78 I remove the tires, calipers, hub... once the locking hub is off next is a snapring... then you have a special socket for a nut that needs to come out... in between that nut and the next nut is a washer where the tabs bend over to lock onto the first....

    so in a nutshell what I said above is bend the tabs out of the way so you can spin that nut off... remove nut and washer has a key and just pulls out.. next is one more nut.. get that out and rotor comes off....

    next bolts hold the backing plate on.. once that is off the axle slides out...

    hope that helps a bit...

    also maybe this can help too

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