Roller cam break in procedure

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by pomai, Apr 13, 2007.

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    Started the engine, disconected the one wire, set the timeing to 0 then connected it again.

    Engine is a late model factory roller, 4 blt main block. 383 rotating assembly, Scat crank & 6" rods, Probe forged pistons. World S/R torquer heads.

    Throttle body bores are 2" by Xtreme-fi from eBay along with their intake manifold bored the same.

    Cam is a roller Comp Cam # CCA-08-302-8, Lift .480/.480, Duration 264/274, Lobe Separation 112.

    (1)What is the break in procedure for a roller cam engine? I used 30 w oil for the start. I Plan on useing 10w30 full synthetic oil.

    (2) When should I re-torque the heads?

    Thanks for all your help, Ed
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    I don't think there really is any break in for a roller cam. When we first fired up mine, we started it and ran it at 2000 RPM for a 1/2 hour to make sure everything got oiled really well. That was it.

    As far as retorqueing the heads, I checked it at 500 miles and none of the bolts were loose.
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    if you let the engine run for a bit you already skipped the break in procedure. Procedure on a normal cam is fire it up, set timing, then hold it to 2500 for 15 minutes(thats my procedure anyway).

    Roller cam requires no break in. Its bearing rollers on smooth cam, no need to break it in.

    I'd still rev it up for a little bit just to make sure the lifters are pumped up nice and full.
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    No break-in required with a roller cam. Also you should not need to retorque the heads. Most gaskets made today are of a no retorque type. If you do decide to retorque the heads then the engine MUST be completely cold (like overnight)

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