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    About a month ago, I posted that my 87 w/305 tbi ran like crap until the thermostat opened up. I changed the temp sensor and also tried a new MAP sensor, to no avail.

    Among the many fine suggestions that were posted here, somebody suggested a vacuum leak as being the problem.. I did have a coolant weep where the intake met the front of the block, but I wasn't sold on the idea of that being a possible source of my problem..

    My buddy who owns a repair shop checked it out for me, and sure enough, that was the prob. I had blown an intake gasket, so they changed the gaskets out, along with flushing the coolant and changing the water pump as it had a slight leak too. Experience has taught me that when one leak is fixed, the water runs out the next weakest area, and I didn't need to frag the pump at night or far away, so I just had them fix it.

    The downside was cost of course, because the labor is quite intensive, but it runs great, and now I don't have to worry about it this winter.

    Moral of the story: don't ignore leaks, and post often on CK5. Thanks for the help guys.

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