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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Thumper, Jul 4, 2004.

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    Ok, Ive been searching for about 4 hrs and read like 1000 posts about it, but I have some questions:

    First off... it was a rough weekend for Thumper. Our club held our local obstacle course comp. and even with the engine burning more oil than gas (no, the 454 isnt quite in it yet... next week hopefully) it did run ok. It performed very well (for a fullsize running a Jeep designed course) and got quite a few 'Holy crap, I cant believe you made that' comments! /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif However, by the time I got it home, it wasnt very happy with me. I think 3 plugs (at least) are fouled beyond help, so bad that it even stopped smoking but wasnt running worth a crap hehe.
    Anyways... the body took even a worse pounding. Seams are separating, rusted metal is tearing, body mounts are breaking etc etc. Basically, she has had it.
    Which brings me to my new plan.
    My friend has bought a S-15 extended cab 4x4 p/u, he is robbing the V6 4.3 out of it for his CJ-7. The tranny is shot. But... the cab and box are in pretty good shape. Im thinking about going hybrid and putting the cab on my K5 frame.
    In my reading adventures this afternoon, Ive seen a couple vague references that an extended S-15 cab wont fit, that the rear tires will contact the back of the cab. Is this true? I didnt get a chance to measure anything up yet, but will tonite hopefully.
    Also, I would probably be building a custom tubed front rad support/ grill mount so I wont have to lengthen the hood/ quarter panels to fit the motor in. If I add headlights to it, would it be legal on the street? (barring the wheels past the fenders... just for that front support legality). It would still have a bumper/ winch mount, but maybe a shorter frame rails for approach angle.
    Next: It would be fully caged, internal (I hate those exo cages... yuck) and id probably cut the back of the cab out and splice part of the box on to make a k5ish area for back seats, maybe two buckets. Any tips on this venture?

    Anyways... thats the thought pattern right now. Any input or help is already appreciated!


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