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Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by gm500hprat, Feb 28, 2005.

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    Does anyone have pics of the s&w cage they make for blazers. I talked to Kevin Scholl and he told me to look here for pics. He recommend these parts per my specs ..

    The 10pt. Cage 11-1519 $249.95

    A Sportsman Conversion 13-349 $120.00

    A Family Bar 13-1519 $99.95

    Two Additional Door X-Braces 13-355 $89.90

    I work at Currie Enterprises and I plan on building a K5 buggy. Just would like to see pics of their cages. Also looking for opinions on a buildup. I have a 76 gmc pickup. Have a few choices my buddy will give me a 73 gmc pickup for free and we can move the vin over to my truck or move my components to that truck. Or I know of some one with a 71 blazer fram and body in good condition, question is will my drivetrain bolt up. I also know someone with a 73 blazer for about 2k in running condition. I know my stuff will bolt to that because my entire drivetrain came from a 73 rolled suburban. Any help or idea would be greatly appreciated thanks. along@currieenterprises.com
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    I can't help much with the cage but the rest I can, can you give me a call? That would make it way easier to sort through some of this.

    Basically, I think you can pick any of the '73 and older frames you want and be fine, it's not going to matter much. There's a bit better parts selection for the '73's and that might be the only difference that really matters.

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