So I know what I want to end with...

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by babyburb, Mar 7, 2007.

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    but not sure of how to get there with the correct parts. Especially with the entire drivetrain swap. Bare with me because I do not know what will fit with what but here is what I want to end up with.
    As of now I run a stock 400/350/203 combo with D44 and 14ff. I have a 454/400 out of a C20 crew cab PU. I want to swap out the 203 with a 205. This is where my questions begin. What 205 am I looking for to match up with the 454/400. I have no clue of what year models, splines, and whatever else I don't know about to be looking for.

    I also want to swap out the D44 with a D60. Will the conversion to the 454/400/205 and D60 change the lengths of my driveshafts?

    Until I get the D60 will the driveshaft length for the D44 pumpkin work?

    Any advise would be helpful. I will be hitting the local junk yard next week on my vacation week.

    I forgot to mention that the t400 bell housing would be swapped with a pre 71 to install a heavy duty sprag. I think that is what my transmission guy said..... I dunno???
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    4wd TH400s attach to np205s with 32 spline shafts (female on the 205 end). There are 3 different 32 spline outputs for the th400 though. The super short one is for the th400/np203 combo... as far as I know either of the other two could have come with np205s stock... depending on the year/adapter. :dunno: If you are going to rebuild your th400 anyway, you can always swap in whatever output shaft you need.


    yes, IIRC the shaft will be slightly shorter post-swap. The t-case flange end might be different also, I dunno... never run a 203.

    Hard to say, depends on a lot of factors... lift, what shaft you have now etc etc.

    upgrading the sprag for the older style 35-element sprag is a common upgrade. This shouldn't require an entire bellhousing change though. The only bellhousing upgrade that I know of would be an Ultra Bell from JW Perf.


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