Sorry but one more tbi cam/head compatablity post.

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by y5mgisi, Jun 7, 2005.

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    I know it has been covered more than a few times but....I am finally going to be getting my motor put togeher to replace the stocker in my 90 burb. I will be using a 73 4blt main 350 block .030 over with flattops. So a basicly stock short block. I need to know how to pick a tbi freindly cam, one with mucho de torque, no need for too much top end but that would be nice too. I will iether use the holly TB or a 454 TB. either way i will get the adjustable FPR and FPG I have a set of pretty good looking heads from the pre tbi era so i was thinking of using those with an edelbrock performer/ tbi to carb adapter.
    Will i need a custom chip or would one of those "generic" 350 tbi power booster chips work? Also is there anyother problems with my plan? What injectors should i go with? will mione be ok if i just have them cleaned/ possibly flow matched? Can anyone recemend a cam from expereince? Thanks in advance i know thats a bunch of poorly asked questions so i hope somone can desipher it and clue me in!
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    Your TBI off the 90 350 engine will be fine. The big block injectors will be to big. Unless you get into tuning and a dyno don't bother. If you do does some cool things with the TBI systems.

    A lot of cams have EFI recommendations. For a guideline look for something under 214o intake duration @ .050" and 224o exhaust duration @ .050" .

    Cleaning and flow matching injectors is a good idea, depending on your TBI may be have the whole thing rebuilt.

    If you don't change anything your stock chip will run the bigger cam but in reality you can make a stock engine run better with some adjustments over stock, add to that a new cam and you will take advantage of the improvements. You may want to remove some things like EGR, ESC and the knock sensor while burning a new chip.

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