Steel Structures by Curvco

Discussion in 'The Tool Shed' started by 71 Blazer, Jan 16, 2007.

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    windsor virginia
    Anyone here heard of these people? I got a call from them telling me about this whole deal where the goverment had not picked up these buildings and would sell me one for a deal. Is this just a sales pitch? How good are these buildings made?
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    Sounds familiar..sales pitch??

    I assume by the name "Curvco" that they sell Quonset style buildings??..

    I bought a 20x40 ft Quonset building from "Steelmaster" steel building company back in 1992..when I wrote to them expressing interest in one of their buildings,they said they had a "real good deal" for me...

    --someone had ordered a "round top" Quonset building,then saw they were coming out with a new "gable roof" design,that they felt would look much better--so the company offered them one of the new style buildings at a reduced price,since they were eager to get more of them out, and in public view,hoping more folks would buy one....
    ....but the catch was they had to forfeit their down payment on the "unwanted" round top they offered it to me for just over 4 grand,its normal price was 6,500 bucks..whether this was the truth or just a sales pitch I'll never know!..but I couldn't build a wooden garage,or even a pole barn at that price,so I bought it..:D

    There are many different building manufacturers now selling Quonset type garages..mine actually was made in Canada near Toronto,had "Future Steel Buildings" on the bill of lading when delivered!..I bought it from Steelmaster Buildings in VA,but evidently they have this place make them and ship them,they just handle the paperwork and money..:confused:

    I've been very satisfied with my building..since 1992,its been hammered by hurricane force winds,and has survived many blizzards over 2' deep--heavy wet snow too!..didn't phase it one bit,and mine is made of only 22 ga steel,the thinnest available! can get 20 or 18 ga was pretty simple to build,and I did 95% of the erecting alone,and built my own endwalls,so I could use overhead doors..

    "Dontoe" here on CK5 also recently purchased and built a similar one to mine,not sure what company sold him his..I've never heard of "Curvco",its most likely a small company that has another one make their buildings???..I'll have to hit google and see if they have a website...:crazy:

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