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    This last weekend myself and some friends of mine made a trek out to stonyford Ca, to have some fun. We set out on friday afternoon and arrived 3.5 hours later in the town of stonyford. which is about 60 miles west of maxwell on I5. from there is was another hour or so into the park. we arrived at dusk as we had planned, in order to take advantage of cooling temps to unpack. We settled in an area called Davis Flat which is a big flat dusty area in a small valley. i set up my bed in the back of my K5 and went to sleep after a night around the camp fire relaxing. the following morning I discovered that Davis flat sucks. i was awoken by a bright sun at 7 a.m. there was no dawn, it was dark and then it was bright. by 9:00 a.m. the temp flew past 80 degrees with no sign of stopping. a lot of our stuff was covered in sap from the pine tree that suffered in our camp site. My two buddies on dirt bikes arrived around 9:30 and said it was too hot to ride. so we set out in the Blazer to do some wheeling. The trip got much better from here on out.

    We took trail 34 up and over the ridge, trail 34 is rated "more difficult" for "jeeps" :rolleyes: a neat thing about this park is the trail markers have individual ratings for dirtbikes,ATV's and "jeeps" they also tell you if a regular vechicle can make it. with a picture of a Car or in slightly worse conditions a large pick-up. we made our way up and over and met dropping temps as we made our way up into the more wooded areas.

    We stumbled across another camp on the other side of the ridge called "Mill Creek" if you make the trip out there i highly recomend staying in that camp site. it was always around 75 degrees and well shaded...perfect. we moved our camp out there later on that day, and stayed there for the remainder of the trip. our trip overall was a huge sucess dispite some set backs, like getting lost in the park til 4 a.m. returning from a trip to town.

    Stonyford is a huge park, roughly north of clear lake. There are literally hundreds of trails, and many miles of them. there are two general sides of the park, the west side of the range and the east side. the west side is cool and wooded, and the trails are pretty tight, i actually broke out one of my rear sliding glass windows when a branch snapped across the opening when it was slid back, and smacked the edge of the glass. so needless to say things can be tight in a full size. the east side of the range is dry,desolate, and hot. we did some wheeling over there which was alot of ridge-line stuff with alot of steep climbs and decents. we stuck mostly to trails rated "more difficult" which seemed to be a nice ballance between exciting and enough to scare the crap out of your friends, but not quite extreme enough to worry about breaking stuff hours away from home. after a hard day of having fun we would make our way out to "letts lake" to do some relaxing and some fishing. "letts lake" is about 30 acres in size and fed by a network of springs. and by this time of year perfect for swimming. it stocked with bass and trout, so we had fun catching and relasing the hatchery fresh stupid fish.

    So if your looking for a new place to camp and wheel i highly recomend checking this place out. its a wooded paradise, and being that its so far out in the middle of nowhere its never crowded, even on the 4th of july weekend, we saw very few people. A few tips, 1.) camp in mill creek, it well worth the 8 dollars a night. 2.) make sure you have plenty of fuel while your out on I5, Stonyford is very far from anything. there is a general store in town, its the only store, and it sells fuel...its expensive and closes early. 3.) get a good map from the ranger and go over it with him, and have him explain it to you, becuase even the good map isn't that great. it will proabably be the same one and only ranger named matt, he looks like a stoner, he proabably is, but he is a great guy, he knows the park very well and is very helpful and full off offroad insight. 4.) make sure you are prepared to camp very far away from anything. mainly bring big coolers, fill them with lots of ice.

    pics later on tonight.


    tuff trail.JPG

    long trail.JPG
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    Looks like ya had a good time! great pics. :saweet:

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