"street legal" in moab?

Discussion in 'Blazer Bash' started by Ryan B., Sep 13, 2006.

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    Just curious how relaxed the Moab police is towards truggys on the street?
    How many miles do we have to drive from the slickrock campground to the trailheads?
    What do the green sticker guys do, can they drive through town?

    Willyswanter told me it would be okay to drive through town with no body on my truck, just as long as i have some headlights and tail lights?
    My k5 doesn't exactly look like a street vehicle with the body off. Am i gonna get hassled?
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    I've read probably a thousand posts and the opinions have ranged wide and far.

    The consensus that I've seen is that the highway patrol tend to be somewhat strict about their vehicle statutes. The other consensus that I've seen is that the locals, as long as people are not acting like idiots, they tend to let little slide. I've read that as long as I have an OHV sticker on the bike and don't act like an idiot, there shouldn't be a problem.

    The thing though to remember is that not only us, but TTORA is going to be up there the same weekend, so I'm figuring they may have some extra troopers in town. They tend to ignore the local "attitude" towards life and do their own thing. The locals though as long as things go smooth and quiet, tend to let the little stuff slide.

    That's just my train of thought without actually being up that way, just what I've read the last few years.........................
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    From what I've been seeing while in Moab the last couple of years you will probably get hassled by a Sheriff, seems they need a little extra revenue and don't mind scaring off Moab's income base. Utah state law requires fenders (something to cover the tires on the top third) headlights high and low beam, tail lights and sidemarkers if originally equipped, wipers, hood (depending on cop), doors (again depending on cop, i've never been hassled) mirrors, mud flaps....................
    Area BFE is about 10-15 miles south of town, Golden Spike/Poison Spider is 5 or so miles north of town so you will be doing some driving.
    I'd take care of some of the more obvious stuff and drive very grandpaish to avoid some unwanted attention, or use a trailer.
    Hope that helps, look forward to seeing another orange blaze down there, so make sure you come!

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