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Discussion in 'Parts & Trucks Wanted' started by cityfarmer2, Jan 14, 2007.

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    Guys need some major help! I have been working my tranny problems for almost a year now. I need a TH400 that will bolt up to a NP208. Perferably a new tranny or a reliable rebuild. The Blazer is a Frankienstien 1984-1989 M1009-Civilian Blazer, Body is a regular 1989 K-5 but everything else came from a 1984-85 CUCV. I have a 350 SBC mildly built, Dana 60 up front and a 14 bolt in the rear. Blazer is lifted 6 inches with a set of SSR's rolling it along. I have put too much money into this to let the tranny stop me but I am growing weary of the Korean tranny rebuild game. The truck is heading to the dump if I can't fix it soon, wife is all over me to get rid of it and thanks for friends for loaning me their cars for emergencies.
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    You stationed there or voluntarily live there?
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    What's wrong with the tranny, and why not just ship one over. Expensive initialy but getting parts over might end up costing more in the long run.

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