Suburban rear shock setups...

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by PonchoCatalina, Sep 12, 2005.

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    This is just an “out of curiosity” question. I have two ’86 Suburbans, one is a 6.2 diesel, the other a 350 gasoline engine, both ½ ton 2WD. The diesel has the usual saggy rear end that ‘burbs tend to exhibit after almost twenty years, but the gasser sits high and proud. Initially I assumed that the diesel had done more hauling and the leaf springs were simply more worn- out from loading. However, this morning as I was leaving for work I noticed another difference between the two vehicles: the diesel has standard gas shocks that are mounted to the frame behind the axle (incline from axle toward rear end); the gasser has coil-over shocks that are mounted to the frame in front of the axle (incline from axle toward front end). I assume the shock coils are helping to support the rear end of the gasser, thus its higher stance. My question: why the difference? Are the coil-overs an aftermarket addition by a PO, am I seeing two different factory setups, or is there a difference in rear shock mounting between gas and diesel Suburbans? Like I said, just courious.


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