Suggestions for easy cosmetic mods on late 80s Burb??

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by PhoenixZorn, Jun 14, 2005.

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    With the purchase of another vehicle, comes the never ending question, what can I do to it to make it even cooler than it already is?

    Already, I have thought of a few things that NEED to be done, and a few things that don't NEED to be done.


    SM465 Tranny and concurrent T-Case - Will be removed from my 86 blazer and swapped in to the Burb... "WHY???" you ask? It's a ****load cheaper than rebuilding a 700R4, I really like manuals... enough to ruin the floor of a perfectly good Burb by puting an extra stick in it and an extra pedal. If we are fast enough working on a burned truck, this may get done by this weekend. Along with the tranny and t-case swap, I'll need new driveshafts more than likely due to the length differences in the 700 and 465... if anyone knows of a driveline shop in the Madison, WI area, please tell me soon so I can go have the shafts lengthenned.

    Bigger tires starting with 32s - The Burb currently has 29 or 30 inch light truck tires on it, and with the OD transmission, that was just fine, but with the 465s gearing, I'll need taller tires to meet the mileage criteria that is the main reason for me buying the diesel burb to begin with. This will be done this Wednesday or this weekend...

    A bit of body work - The rocker panel above the running board is a little rotted due to the snow and salt that gets packed there in winter. Same for the rear quarter above the exhaust on both sides from the rear tires throwing salt and snow at it. a Bondo patch kit should do the trick for both spots... but I might just buy new rocker panels and repair the rear quarter. This will be done as soon as possible... I'm off of work right now, and I know how much time fiberglass work takes, so might as well make the thing look better while I have nothing to do.


    4" Tough Country Lift - Cuz who doesn't want a lifted Burb? I like the reviews, though I've never personally had a ride on them. Any other brand suggestions for a Burb would be appreciated... Probably a year or so down the road... likely around the same time as the 35s...

    Paint Job - I miss my Blazer like I miss my kid when he's in North Carolina with his mom. Since it's going away, I figured I'd give the burb a nice fire engine red paint job to match the Blazer. Besides... it will match the red interior. This should be done within a few months of taking possession.

    Bigger Tires - Yeah, I know it's in the Needs section already... but I WANT 35s eventually. I think everyone wants 35s eventually... unless they already have something bigger. =) Probably next year...

    14bFF and D60 - While it will be a jacked up family wagon, I still want it to be offroad worthy. It currently has a D44 front end and 10bolt rear... looks like a project for a year from now.

    Blazer top - I saw it done once before, and I want to do it too... take a totally fine suburban body, cut off the hard top behind the back doors, and put on a removable blazer hard top. Not only will it be cool for summer drives, but infinitely effective for carrying objects that normally wouldn't fit in a burb... height wise... This is a very far in the future project.

    If anyone has any other suggestions for NEEDS and WANTS, please post them... and before you get all worried that I'm going to change my mind, I already put the Burb on my outstanding bill at the shop... They are hiring me soon hopefully, so I'll be able to pay that down pretty fast. (I do have another few jobs lined up if they fall through of course.)
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    the side by side headlight grill is an ever popular upgrade. I love the look of it myself.

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