Superlift TruSpeeds on sale with FREE shipping= $181.46 Delivered

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    The TruSpeed Speed Sensor Calibrator is a must for any vehicle equipped with tires that are taller or shorter than stock. It corrects the erroneous speedometer reading (as wellas other important speed-related vehicle functions) on most vehicles equiped with an electronic (non cable-driven) speedometer. Each TruSpeed includes the modules, a calibration key, all necessary wire and connectors, shrink tube, zip ties, and comprehensive installation / calibration instructions.

    If you're running bigger tires than stock, you need a TruSpeed and now is the best time ever to order!

    The price on all TruSpeed models is $181.46 and FREE SHIPPING from now untill August 30th, 2005. Simply order through our website at by choosing your application or call 417-881-8747.

    Order Today!

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