TBI linkage 88 Blazer

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    Started my first engine swap ever last October, :k5: took my sons 1988 Blazer apart, new lift, tires and did a rebuild of the engine, new heads, cam, torque converter, headers, anything I could think of that looked or needed replacing…(Should of held out and waited for the 383)

    It has been a very interesting project considering I never changed a spark plug a year ago..My problem was it was almost 10 months ago and I forgot a lot… :what: :what: :what: :what: I took pictures of the engine and marked everything in bags but didn’t get a picture of the TBI throttle linkage as it connects to the manifold. I guess that bracket bolts to the cruise control unit and I assume that bolts to the back of the head, but I am old and the help I get on the engine from a friend doesn’t help with this.. :1zhelp: :1zhelp: If someone could please take a picture of the linkage and where it attaches ( I guess 1987, 88, maybe 89 might be all the same???) to I would really appreciate it….My son would really appreciate it also so he can get his Blazer back and running :woot: :woot: …I took pictures, bought a general motors shop manual for that year blazer but cant find a picture or diagram and since it is my first project I don’t have any reference…

    I will remember from the mistakes of this build and enjoy this board and members, :bow: :bow: they have been a great source of info on my project just from reading the posts…Thanks Mike (Houston TX)
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    Was working on my truck today so i snapped these for ya.
    Side View
    Cable on top is throttle
    Middle is cruise
    Bottom is TV cable Very important that this cable is adjusted properly. Miss adjustment will cause tranny failure. Your manual should tell you how to adjust it. It is is a simple adjustment but critical.

    TOP view
    Hope this helps.

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