Timing on 89 TBI?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 89OKIE, Jan 28, 2005.

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    New engine and new distrib. Is there an advantage to setting the timing 4 BTDC when the sticker on the truck says 0 deg? I know the ecm will advance it automaticaly but does unplugging the timing connector and setting it 4 before really have a benefit? It's set at 0 deg now, and wants to idle real low.
    Thanks in advance for any insight to this question.
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    Roy WA
    You can advance the timing as much as you want, however, without something to watch what the knock sensor is doing (a scanner) you won't know if you are helping or hurting yourself.

    Knock sensor can and will pull timing before you hear it, although under certain circumstances you might still hear knock. So unless you watch the knock counts under different conditions, you won't know if timing is being pulled or not.

    Typically higher timing at idle makes for a smoother idle, but advancing the base timing makes starting harder. With EFI, minimum base timing, but ECM timing control once the engine starts, means smooth idle and easy startups.

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