Trailcutter M/T Tire, reviews? thoughts? *PICTURES*

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    A friend from NC suggested this tire, its what he uses. He says it does AWESOME in mud and sand and on the road. It looks like a great all terrain/mud terrain hybrid. Just what we have been looking for for our daily driver 98 Chevy pickup. All the sipeing looks like it would do nice on wet road and better than a normal M/T on ice. Basicly, its a skinny aggressive all terrain, with a mud terrain outer tread added on.

    Heres the only 2 pics iv been able to find. I asked my friend if he could take some but i havent heard back from him. If i cant find more pics, or get any reviews from you guys im just going to drive down there (only half a state away) and see them in person, then go on some nearby trails with him.

    Pic from Ebay auction, and link to tires.

    Notice how the tread is designed.. radial lines in the tire. This will help with hydroplaning resistance, similer to the Dick Cepek Mud Country.
    The only thing i dont like about this tire is the fact that the sidelugs dont go
    Every other lug in/out like most M/Ts. But then again...look at how far apart the sidelugs are! =D

    I also found the main site for the private branded Trailcutter M/T
    Click their brands, most have the Trailcutter as their tire including (The site has tire specs, too)

    Does anyone have anymore pictures, comments, reviews...anything about this tire? Last tire post i made here was about the Kumho which would also be a good mild mud terrain.. but decided against it in favor of the Pep Boys dakota M/T for my jimmy. I should be purchasing them this summer after my pro comps wearout.

    I have contacted Treadways Corp about where i can buy them locally..because i havent been able to find anyone that carrys them besides Ebay guy, and a shop in PA. ( )
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