Two 12 bolt axles in Denver

Discussion in 'Suspension | Axle' started by anarce, Mar 31, 2007.

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    I'm selling a pair of 12 bolt axles that are good for rebuilding. One has 3.07 gears that are usable (but why would you want to?), and the other has trashed 3.73 gears and carrier. Basically the good parts are 4 good axle shafts, 2 straight 12 bolt housings, and some drum brake parts. Asking $100 or best offer, with the emphasis on best offer. They're sitting in the back of my car as you can see, and I'd really like to get rid of them soon. I'd prefer to sell them to someone local rather than mess with shipping them, and I'll deliver for free to anywhere in or around Denver.

    I'm also selling some other spare parts from the '86 Jimmy I bought. See my other listings for D44 8 lug parts and a K&N air filter. Thanks!

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    If you part them out put the 3.07 gears on ebay. I got about $30 for the ones I sold and $10 for the Dana 44 3.08 gears I had. :D


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