Vortec 5.3 Block Hone Job


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Feb 26, 2021
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Biloxi, MS
Got the engine block back from the machine shop today...looking for some quality input and possible issues that could arise. We left it up to the machinist to determine if the block needed to be bored or just honed. He said it didn't need a bore and just block honed it. A couple of the cylinders came back with spots that did not get honed. I check the cylinder with a bore gauge and the dimple is about .0005 deep with a variation of .0015 from top to bottom of the wall. Does the block need to be bored .03 over or was the guy just trying to save me some money knowing that the variation was well inside the tolerances for a rebuild. Also, can the block just be honed more to get dimple and some of the vertical scare lines out of the walls? We are fixing to put about 3-4K into the motor with new rods, pistons, cam, and lifters and would hate to start with a block that will potentially have issues shortly down the road. Comments requested and welcome...preferably anyone with engine experience that may have continued with a rebuild with a block in this condition. IMG_1087.JPG
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