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Wanted: 6.2 Diesel vacuum pump w/speed sensor

Discussion in 'Parts & Trucks Wanted' started by botboy, Aug 25, 2004.

  1. botboy

    botboy 1/2 ton status

    Aug 11, 2004
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    Delano, MN, USA
    I want to retrofit my '83 Blazer/6.2 diesel with a tachometer, and I don't especially want to mess around with calibration on an alternator-based tachometer converter, so I'm looking for the 6.2 vacuum pump that was equipped with some sort of magnetic or hall-effect sensor. As I understand it this vacuum pump differs from the standard 6.2 pump because it has an additional connector and wiring pigtail coming off of it besides just the vacuum lines. Some have suggested it may have only come in the california emissions model trucks, while others have suggested it came in the medium duty trucks (Kodiak/Topkicks), of that I cannot be sure or verify. Would prefer to find one used than new just because of the price difference, but will buy new if I have to.

    some more information/part numbers:

    vacuum pump NLVP1696 / Pod number POD1696

    part numbers for all years fitted with 6.2 that had the speed sensor

    Came in:

    84-85 california emission spec truck, suburban, blazer, jimmy etc equipped with 6.2

    87-91 blazer/suburban/tahoe and truck with 6.2 (C, J engines)

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