Wanted: propane gas lights, appliances, old coleman stuff, hurricane lamps...FRIDGE!

Discussion in 'General Non-Automotive Classifieds' started by mofugly13, Mar 26, 2006.

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    I like to collect older coleman lanterns and other similar lanterns. I am also looking for kerosene hurricane lamps, propane lamps along the lines of Humhrey Gas Lights and Paulin Gas Lights, and the like. If it looks like it belongs in a hunting cabin in the 50's, I like it. Not really into propane lanterns too much, but the propane lamps that are meant to be permanently installed. I am really in the market for a functioning old Servel propane refrigerator. If you got something taking up room, offer it to me. I don't have all kind's of money but a good deal is a good deal.

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