whats the deal with 73-up engine mount bracket spacers ??

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by R72K5, Apr 18, 2005.

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    ok im am really irked,

    i went and replaced engine mounts on the 84 c-10 finally, it was a BITCh to do, one of the worst repair jobs ive ever had to do i swear and i have done all kinds to all kinds of different vehicle,s engine swaps, trany swaps, you name it, cars vans truck 90s and older,
    i jut cant beleive how difficult it was to replace these damn mounts, i ended up having to unbolt the entire frame trees from the frame and suspsension cradle and dropping them out under truck,,

    anyways with the old broken mounts i had to run those 1/8" thick triangle spacer brackets betweene ngien block and the block mounted mount brackets,

    you see these on vehicles such as the 70s vans and the 80s F bodies, etc.

    well after i put the new mount son and lowered the engine back down the freaking block brackets were away from frame too far then,,

    so i ahd to freakign drop the brackets off the block and do away with the spacers, and even then it was a whore to get the engine to drop on the new mounts so i could get the long through eye bolt in both sides,.

    what is the deal with these dam,n things ?

    it really pissed me off! i was about to destroy the truck or something,.

    i was not happy..

    now the ****in heads need to come off the engine they are junk ass 882's anmd drivers side one is starting ot burn oil when engine is hot and idle, and im sure they are warped or damn near it by now, just like all the rest of them and the ones i had to remove from another cmj 350 engine last weekend,

    i swear......


    i get so sick of bullcrap, i dont know why i even try to wrench on this crap anymore.

    everything used ot be so easy to do i used to do this crap 24/7 al the time and no problems and i was doing way crazier crap than this, nowadays EVERY thing i try to do is a major PITA......!

    i dont know what the hell the problem is these days,,.


    thanks for anything
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    They are fun....

    I had a hard time getting at the 3 bolts that hold the motor mount pads that bolt to the crossmember on my 79 C10 too--didnt have to unbolt the whole mess though,but I did have to install and remove them twice before I got them in the correct holes for the V8 vs the 6 that was in there-- :mad:

    I had a van motor(305) I was installing,and I learned the brackets on the van motor only work in vans,PERIOD!--the ones I needed were for a truck,but all I had left in my packrat pile were some off the73- 307 Chevelle motor I put in my van,they were the correct height,I got lucky--(most car ones had the thru bolt holes closer to the block,and make the motor slant down in front when used in a pickup)...

    The van motor had one of those triangle shaped "shims" between the block and motor mount pad--on the drivers side only! :screwy: ---in 30 years of stripping GM trucks and cars,its the first one I've seen,ever!--I did not use it in the 79,the mounts aligned perfectly without it,so I left it off...

    I dont know what it is,but I must be suffering from the same syndrome as you--I cant seem to do squat anymore--I've been trying to stip my 74 K20 to ready it for the crusher--I fought for 2 days to get the plow frame off--suprisingly most of the bolts holding it to the frame actually came off with the impact,I was shocked!--but trying to drop it out from under the truck in 1 peice was an excersize in futility--I tried grinding th part of the frame off where it was caught between the trucks frame and leaf spring and sway bar,but had to give up---ended up taking the entire plow frame apart,every F'n bolt was salted to death,and looked more like rivets--

    Had to use up all my oxogen in my torches(another 25 bucks I dont have :mad: )-which suck,they are those tiny ones in a kangaroo pouch--cuts muffler pipe,anything thick is a joke! :mad:
    then I hammered,chiseled,and ground the bolts off--finally got it off after 1-1/2 days of agony--feel like I've been beaten with a bat,and on my way to strokeland....

    Saturday,I took the nose off--only had to grind 3 bolts off,the rest of it came off with my 6' pich bar!--pulled the rubber body mounts under the radiator right thru the frame supports!--it was so rotted,I didn't even have to strain to rip the nose right off--lucky it wasn't falling off by itself!--now I can get at the motor a lot easier....still not looking foreward to pulling it out--I'm so sore and cut up from saturday,I didn't do anything to it yesterday at all....

    Now I have to decide whether to take just the motor out,or pull the tranny with it and separate it on the ground later--I think I might just unbolt the 4 bolts on the tailshaft and pull the tranny with it--then I can pull the Transfer case easier .....

    I hope someone buys the 400 SB and the transfer case,and the plow setup after all this agony---I know for a fact I'm getting too old for this crap--the next vehicle I junk is going straight to the shredder,in ONE PEICE!!...I hardly have any space to store all the crap that was in the truck like speakers,radio,scanner,etc--I'm beginning to see why so much good stuff goes with vehicles to the boneyard now--there is just TOO MUCH to keep!--and a limited number of people who want it...

    I kinda regret taking all this stuff off the truck--it will make it weigh less,and that means less money-(and I'm desparate for cash! :frown1: )-but I've been adding something for every part removed--like out with the 400 SB,in with the junk 250 from my 79,and I have a NP203 boat anchor I'll stuff in the cab to make up for pirating the NP205 out of it--and so on--hopefully someone buys the motor and other stuff I have to haul 100 miles to a swap meet and pay 30 bucks to set up there,plus gas--I'm wondering if its worth it at all... :frown1:

    I just want all the rusted crapboxes outa here,and the cash in my bank account--I need to get a real job,this is no way to make money--takes too much out of you,and it ruins your clothes,your always grimey and sweaty--I'm sick of the whole 9 yards... :crazy:

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