Where is get parts for my 14b upgrade?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by RodsRVF, May 2, 2005.

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    I bought a 14b ff and the brakes are trash so I am thinging of converting to disk. I want a ebrake so it looks like the 76-78 Caddy eddordo calipers are the way to go. (are the truck calipers any better than the caddy?)

    Where are good places for buy them? Autozone lists them for $74 plus a $70 core charge. Since I don't have a core that means $144 each.

    Anyone have pics of the ebrake hooked up after it is installed?

    Also if there a good place to buy bearings or if not does anyone have the timpken #'s I need?

    If this is used on the street and off road is there a locker (posi) that works well in that unit?

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    i bought my caddy calipers cheap from www.car-part.com, then used the ones i bought for core charges and got brand new ones. if you go that route, keep the spring and lever from the old calipers to puto n the new. i have pics in my gallery at www.offlimitsoffroad.com/gallery. go into user pics, then wraenking, and they will be in the blaer album. ]

    i got all my parts to rebuild my axles from napa. make sure you know what year axles you have before buying . taking the old parts, or writing the part numbers down from the old parts helped me out a lot.

    be ready to spend some cash. i think i had a thousand alone into the 14 bolt! thats without ne wgears. the upgrade to me is definitely worth it.

    good luck and post your results

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