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1985 K5 Blazer Family Wheeler


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Nov 12, 2004
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So the truck I have had for 19 years, and its been an excellent truck, lots of memories and fun times, but I have 3 kids now and can't haul the family in the truck.

So I am swapping my drivetrain from the truck, 489 BBC, NP205, D60, 14BFF into this K5.

I will convert it to full convertible, put a chrome-moly cage in it, reuse my front radius arm coil-over suspension, and link the rear with coil-overs too. I will upgrade the TH400 I build 14 years ago to a 4L80E I'll build and upgrade the EZ EFI to multi-port Holley Terminator X EFI along with trans control and add Volcano Nitrous to the big block.

To see the history of my truck build where a lot of these parts come from, go here...

'83 K10 SB "L1TSBFIBBC" build (...Dirt Drags)

The rest of the story will be here.
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