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87 K5 Fender Flare Help

Tyler Hart

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Nov 12, 2015
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Hello, I've been reading the forums about different ideas tried but nothing seems to be quite what I'm looking for.
My truck is an 87 K5 with a 6in. lift and Im running 40/16 Super Swampers on a 16x10 Beadlock.
I purchased a set of Bushwacker cut out flares and installed them, and the tires will clear fine but not on the trails. Has anyone encountered this problem and found a solution. Is there anyone who has made a set of tube, or steel flares? Can you purchase and use a set of the rear cut out flares on the front for more clearance? I drive the truck on the street so just trimming the fenders without the flares isn't an option, I need the flares for inspection.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Jul 26, 2000
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I've tagged the Bushwackers with 38's and 37's. You want them installed as tight to the inner fender/firewall as you can. Only so much you can do because the shape is not as flexible as some people imagine. The best option is to move the front axle forward a little. At the front of the wheel opening, you can trim the fender and part of the flare off on the inside and still have full coverage around the wheel opening. It just removes that inner corner that is closest to the front of the tire.

I don't think you'll ever fit a rear flare on the front because the body shape is different and they really are molded specifically for that space. Plus, the rear one is so long, it might be longer than the front fender is. Really it's bigger than it has to be, since the big clearance issues are on the steering wheels (assuming everyone runs the same size tire front and back).
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