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Discussion in 'General Parts for Sale' started by gzzgfw, Dec 16, 2004.

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    I have for sale a buggy project that I started 12 months ago. Since then my blazer K5 has come together pretty nicely and I really don't need two projects! so here it is.

    The buggy is based on a K5 frame and was built by a friend in Monticello In. Made from 1-5/8 tubing, very study, GM ready.

    This is how I picked it up..Now without door and hood, (visibility sucked with the doors on, go figure!)

    I have it in my shop where we installed a sbc355 complete with carb, dist. on solid motor mounts, a TH400 and a NP203 T/C. It's rolling on stock 3.07 10/12bolt axles on 33in general all terrains on stock ralley's. GM steering box, gm easy...

    It has BDS front 6" springs that seems in good shape, may need new shackle bushings.
    rear springs are 63" gm springs which I am doing a shackle reversal right now.
    fuel cell
    one racing seat and one cloth bucket.
    dual clyinder master clyinder.
    tranny cooler mounted
    automotive tempered windshield
    removable steering wheel

    Here is what it looked like when Jim wheeled it.

    If you have an beat up old rig with an established drive train or just need a project this might be it. Located in West Central Indiana. I have yet to wire up the engine but all wiring for chevy is ready to plug in. I don't have alot of money in it, just need to make space in the shop. Really, besides nickel and dime stuff, it needs a better radiator, drive shafts and a shifter to get her going and time which I just don't have any more.
    Asking $900 OR BEST OFFER, can help deliver within reason.

    Help me clean out my shop!
    pm or post question or

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