In Need of Help at my place to get back on road

Discussion in 'The Engine Bay' started by caleb22, Jan 12, 2019.

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    South Carolina
    I swapped my 350 in my 76 K5 for a new BP 383, got it bolted in, working on wiring, but would like some assistance getting it back on the road, tuned, timed, and running. It's in my garage so I need to get it out of there too.

    I've been working 60+ hour weeks and baseball kicks back in next week so my weekends will be shot. It's going to be my DD at times just need to get this new 383 humming. I have a TH350 shift kit I need to install also.

    I'm in Boiling Springs, SC...need someone for maybe a long day or two possibly. Let me know your fee and skills as I don't mind paying. Got my old 350 too if someone wants that as a trade for time.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Dang man, you got left hangin. Probably move this to the garage where there's more traffic.
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