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Pressing out the steering stabilizer


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Mar 23, 2014
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Ocean Springs, MS
Just sharing on my little weekend project. The previous steering stabilizer was shot. Absolutely had zero resistance to it. After getting started, the tie-rod end was pressed in which prompted me to say 'why the F am I doing this ...' and quickly weighed out options to maybe just to go back inside and watch TV.
But after convincing myself that surely it can't be 'that' difficult, I started to get to work.
After getting started with a BFH while it was heated, I found that a two-prong puller worked the best to finish the job. I drilled a small dip in the bolt so the puller had a resting spot and it came out pretty easily. I read on other sites/posts that some where able to use a TRE puller to work but it didn't seem to the best option for me. YMMV.

I picked up a Gabriel steering stabilizer from Autozone for $30 and the what a difference it makes. The front end was completely replaced by the PO around 2001 - so the previous steering stabilizer lasted 15 years. Much smaller in size compared to this new one.



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Jul 24, 2003
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I had good luck getting tapered tie rod ends out of the steering arm by backing the area where it goes through the arm with a solid hunk of steel stock,then bash the arm at the hole area with a 5 lb. hammer,usually 2-3 whacks and it pops right out..

Last time I went to replace draglink ends though,that method failed me--I tried a ball joint pickle fork and that also failed,it didn't have enough "wedge" to pop it off
After digging through my tool box I came across a pitman arm puller,which happened to fit the draglink ends perfectly..I had to tighten it very tight,then whack the steering arm with the hammer before they popped free..

I think the steering damper on my pickup might be seizing up internally,lately the steering effort feels harder than before..
I have a "Hecklethorn" big one I saved off another truck I may have to use if it feels like the old one is starting to get too stiff...
I'm betting it wont want to come off easily,like yours..been on it "forever"..(13 years that I've owned it, and then some !)..


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Mar 10, 2015
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Las Vegas
Man, I just replaced mine, and it just came out with a little wiggling by hand. I bet the whole thing took me 15 minutes.

Either I did something wrong, or desert vehicles for the win.
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