Wes's Burb build/update/maintance

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    Last week I removed the in carb fuel filter, and steel line from mechanical pump to carb. Ran #6 hose and AN fittings from Mechanical pump to carb. ran just a touch better, but still required the electric pump to be on over 40 mph in 4th under any load.
    I drove to my brother's 120 mile round trip. Started with just over 1/2 tank by gauge, got home with less gas then the recent problem at costco gas station. Today I got some Qjet goodies. Made 3 changes to carburetor.
    1. I upped the inlet seat from .107" to .147"
    2. upped the primary jet from 69 to 71, reused primary rods .037b
    3. change the power spring(primary metering rod spring) to 3in Hg 1.110" l
    Truck ran a lot better idle smoother I needed to turn the idle mixture screws in @ 3/4 turn. Drives around town with ac on great even under a load w/o the electric pump.
    Still won't get on the freeway with out the electric.
    Still need to add return style regulator in line, not finding a good spot. I have to upgrade the electric pump also. Will do these 2 mods this weekend. Wifey stills needs it for errands




    Far left is power spring I removed, blue is spring I used.
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